Ventura has been in business since 1955 and has an impeccable safety record. As an FAA certified charter operator, we adhere to strict regulations and the highest standards in order to maintain the certification. In addition, Ventura is Wyvern PASS-ready and ARG/US Gold rated.

ARG/US Gold Plus

ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) is the global leader in performing on-site safety audits for corporate flight departments, charter operators, and commercial airlines.

To achieve the Gold Rating, ARGUS conducts in-depth research into numerous databases and other reputable sources. Historical information on the commercial certificate, pilots, aircraft serial numbers, ownership, management and financial data is compiled, processed and scored in an effort to determine the applicability of a Gold Rating. An operator’s composite score is compared against an aggregate group of operators with like exposures, and if found to meet or exceed the median score of those operators, the operator will be granted an ARGUS Gold Rating.



Since 1991, Wyvern has been the global leader in aviation safety auditing, consulting and information services. Corporate flight departments, travel departments, fractional programs, charter brokers and sophisticated business travelers use Wyvern as their primary source of aviation safety information. The Pilot & Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) program demonstrates a commitment to safety by providing them with due diligence on the operator, aircraft and pilots assigned to your trip. Ventura is a PASS-Ready operator.


FAA Certified and Approved

DOT Certified and Approved

National Business Aviation Association

Ventura is a member of the National Business Aviation Association

Eastern Region Helicopter Council

Helicopter Association National