Pilot Experience and Training

Ventura takes great pride in the caliber of its crew.  When it comes to hiring pilots, we select only those individuals with experience in excess of the FAA requirements.

  • ARG/Us mandates that captains must have a minimum of 3,000 hours of flight experience yet currently all Ventura captains have over 10,000 hours.
  • Mandatory annual FAA-administered oral exams
  • All new hires, regardless of rank, must attend an intensive full-motion simulator training program at an FAA Certified Training Center.  To ensure standards of excellence, captains re-train twice a year and co-pilots attend once a year
  • Mandatory annual 60 hour web-based training through Computer Training Systems (CTS)
  • Medical exams are mandatory (biannual for captains, annual for co-pilots)
  • Ventura’s Pilot Pairing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) requires that a co-pilot must always be paired with a Captain and that crew have a minimum of 2000 hours Learjet experience.  This is not an SOP for most charter companies and exceeds FAA requirements.