Aircraft Management

Our aircraft management services allow you reap the benefits of ownership without having to worry about the day-to-day operations of your aircraft. When you employ us to manage your plane,  you will have freedom and peace of mind knowing that the operational, safety and maintenance issues are taken care of.  Below is detailed description of the management services we provide.  For more details on how our management team can work with you, please call us at (631) 756-5500 or submit an Aircraft Management inquiry.

Private Jet Charter Management

  • Our dedicated staff can work with you to charter your aircraft and create an additional revenue stream when you are not using your aircraft. This is a viable option when you are trying to offset the continued cost of ownership

Flight Standards

  • Interviewing, hiring, testing and monitoring of crews. We set the highest standards for crew and aircraft operations.
  • Planning and implementing a system of periodic training, proficiency checks and in-flight monitoring to ensure that the crew meets and exceeds the FAA’s standards for flight proficiency, safety of flight and general operating knowledge.

Flight Operations

  • International and domestic trip and crew scheduling, maintenance scheduling, dispatch, flight following, flight plan filing.
  • Accurate and timely filing of all required logs and certifications.
  • Flight and weather briefings, arrangements made for commissary, hotels and ground transportation.
  • We provide a system for 24/7 flight scheduling.

Maintenance Management

  • Ventura plans and supervises all required inspections, record keeping and maintenance by our FAA certified mechanics.
  • We maintain current maintenance manufacturers’ manuals for the aircraft and equipment.
  • Maintain compliance with all service letters, bulletins, and FAA airworthiness directives.
  • Our maintenance department assures that all log book and records are properly noted and updated.
  • Repair work and billing are received for warranty adjustments.

Financial Control/Reporting

  • We provide a monthly statement verifying and paying of all aircraft related bills from your operating fund.
  • Also provided are monthly operating budgets, reports and a breakdown of all aircraft expenses and flight time.