Fly in the Pilot Seat

First Flight Experience Package

What is a First Flight Experience?
A First Flight Experience is a chance for you or someone you know to experience the thrill of flying in the pilot’s seat of a small aircraft. It is a mix between a flight lesson and a joy ride.

Why is this an unforgettable, unique experience?
Deeply rooted in the human experience is the desire to transcend, to break free from the physical limitations of our bodies and to experience what it feels like to fly a plane. When you take the controls of an aircraft, the dream of flight becomes your reality and you experience control of 3 dimensional freedom. Authors, poets and artists have tried to communicate the feeling of flight, but nothing comes close to experiencing it for yourself. You’ve always wanted to….and now you can!

What are the requirements for someone taking an introductory lesson?
The beauty of the introductory lesson (First Flight Experience) is that there are no requirements. It is all about having fun. Don’t over think it or spend time contemplating whether or not you want to get your pilot’s license. Just call us and schedule a time and get up and fly.

What can I expect during the lesson?
You will sit in the pilot seat and literally fly the aircraft for around 80% of the time! The controls are surprisingly intuitive and the planes are more stable than most people would anticipate. Also, expect to have sore cheeks from the big grin you will be sporting the entire time.

What time do I need to arrive?
You can schedule your flight most any time during daylight hours. We recommend you arrive 15 minutes early to allow us some time to get to know each other. We have a family business culture so come be a part of our family of aviators.

How long will the lesson last?
The typical lesson is 1 hour. In some cases, some people prefer to go even longer, but we recommend you save some fun for the second flight. Also included in the first lesson is a ground portion of 15 minutes.

How can I be assured I will fly with an experienced pilot I can trust?
Ventura and our sister company Air East are proud to say that we are the longest running flight school at Republic Airport operated by its founders. Operating since 1982, we have developed extremely rigorous safety standards that exceed the FAA’s minimum requirements. We believe our legacy speaks volumes for the safety and experience of our instructors.

What type of plane will we fly?
You will fly in a Piper Warrior II. We selected these particular aircraft because they are extremely reliable, easy to fly, have a conventional low wing so it seems more like driving a car, and they are one of the most popular trainers in the world. In addition, they are 4 seaters so you can take friends and family along to share in the experience.

Are the planes well maintained?
The planes are maintained to very strict maintenance standards prescribed by the FAA. For example, every 100 hours of operation, we inspect the entire aircraft and run tests to ensure its continued safe operation. We are also proud to say that our mechanics are world class crossed trained professionals that maintain everything from the little trainers you’ll be flying to helicopters to jet aircraft.

Where will we fly?
You will typically fly over parts of Long Island, the Long Island sound or the great south bay. If you really feel adventurous, why not try one of our adventure flight training sessions where you get to fly to a destination such a Block Island or East Hampton as part of your training? One of the most beautiful sights is soaring over the weekend Hamptons traffic as it backs up on Sunrise Highway.

How much does it cost? Are there any additional fees?
The First Flight Experience costs $299 for one hour of flight and 15 minutes of ground instruction. There are no additional fees as we include a complimentary headset rental and an official pilot’s logbook so you can count the time towards a pilot’s license.

In addition to the flight time you will receive:

  • 15 minutes of ground instruction
  • A logbook to record your flight for future training
  • A certificate of accomplishment
  • A Picture
  • An invitation to a private pilot ground school
  • A discounted ticket to the Cradle of Aviation museum
  • A coupon to the 56th fighter group restaurant located next door
  • A free Sporty’s pilot training DVD
  • A 6 month subscription to Flight Training Magazine
  • Up to two complimentary Headset Rentals
  • Option of bringing along a passenger

What do I need to bring? What do I need to wear? Bring a camera, sunglasses and optionally a friend or family member. Wear comfortable clothes with sneakers preferably. If it’s cold out, wear layers so you can easily adjust for the temperature in the aircraft. 

Do I need to fill out any paperwork? The only paperwork you need to fill out is a very basic contact form. We don’t ever share any customer info with anyone else so you have no need to worry about random strangers calling about the info you shared with us.

Where is Ventura Air Charters located? Ventura (and it’s sister company Air East) are conveniently located at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, NY. We are approximately 45 minutes to an hour outside of Manhattan by car and train (and 15 minutes by helicopter for you rock stars). For exact directions, check out our contact page or give us a call.

Will I have a photo/ video taken during my flight lesson? We offer a multi-angle video of the flight if you are interested. Please let us know when you book your flight that you are in interested in the video. Further, we encourage you to bring your own camera along for your first flight. Your flight instructor will be more than happy to capture pictures of you posing in front of the flying machine that you are about to conquer as well as action shots of you flying the aircraft. These pictures will cause a frenzy of envy when posted on a Facebook page.